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Update 9: 01/03/2016

Update 9: 01/03/2016


Major updates:

  • The "Champions League" tournament format system (Group stage + KO rounds)  is now available. We are now able to organise this kind of competition


  • Managers are now able to remove a player from the club . The player will be removed from the squad when his contract comes to an end and even if he has chosen the automatic renewal. Here is a brief example




If you change your mind, you can cancel the process and keep your player




  • Player profile page is now more detailed. In the settings you can now put several informations about your Bio or social networks such as your Skype ID, twitter, Facebook etc..





  • Each player has now the possibility to change his Username. This option is limited to only one change per season (NB:  the length of a season depends on your community and platform). Former usernames will be visible by everyone on the player's profile page


  • Players and clubs achievements are now visible on the "Palmares" tab of your club's homepage


Minor updates


  • We redesigned the competitions table rankings to make it more comfortable to watch, avoiding to scroll too much to display the standings
  • In Team Agenda, the competitions names are now mentioned alongside the games rather than having either "championship" or "cup" like before


  • A Bug in User Management which impacted other club has been fixed
  • A bug in the Competition Management calendar involving shiftdays has been fixed
  • A bug involving Penalty that add points to a club rather than deduct it has been fixed
  • If your contract request has been cancelled by a club, you can now propose another contract to this club


We appreciate your feedbacks, it helps us to improve the website in order to offer you a high quality service. Continue like that :)

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How do we change the user ID ? I can't see that on the profile.

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It's ok, I see it now. Either it was not available when I've looked or I was drunk :D

Edited by BAM-Nyden
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