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Update 11: 21/07/2016

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Update 11: 21/07/2016


New Features

  • National Teams

Here they are !

As soon as a National Team is created on the website, the NT Manager will have powerful and dedicated tool to select the players thanks to the list of all the players sorted by criterias such as: Nationality, Position, Username. For all the other aspects, the managment and the tools are similar to those already available for clubs



  • Fun Teams (Pick up Teams) for Fun Cups

You can create fun clubs to play fun tounaments. Read more here



  • Squad Creator


You won't need to go on websites such as footballuser, 11lineup anymore ! Now you can generate your own squad and share to others. Here is how it works


1) At the top of the page, you will find a new tab "Squad creator" . Click on it



2) Your are now on a page called "Create composition" . You just have to name your lineup, choose a tactic (442, 433, 352 or whatever you want) then pick a jersey ( we have all the FIFA 16 and even EURO 2016 jerseys !!) . On the right side you juste have to fill the blanks with your players name. Once you have finished, click on save




3) Here you have the result. Your squad is now created and you can share to your players by giving the URL link or even share it on social network (twitter, facebook, etc...)






  • Summer Transfer Window

Read all the details here 



Adding to the current features

  • Organizer

Before the update, we just had the date of the proposal with no possibility to actually know when this proposal was made. We fixed that and it's now visible by the Organizer's rearrangement . From now it will look like this 

Date - Club - Proposal

  • Trade module

All the Trade adverts dating back more than 1 month will be now automatically removed in order to keep the Trade list always updated. Moreover we added a Trade List History "Last Trade" under the ads




  • Contracts

We have reduced the amount of maximum games down to 20 because we've found that signing for 40 games was irrelevant and confusing. In addition we have made visible both signing and end's date of a contract




  • Availabilities


Indicating to your teamates if you are available to play today is simpler than ever ! No need to go to your club's page anymore. Wherever your are on the website you can find a blue box at the bottom right corner asking you "Are you available today"



click on it and indicate if you will be present tonight or not 




As you can see here, I'm available to play tonight and the blue box become green




Your manager know that you will be there tonight








  • The Village

The club's list is now sorted by community and alphabetically to make it even more ergonomic


  • Calendar shape for CL format

Before the update, all the games were dispatched daymatch by daymatch but in a row with no Groups distinction. It was difficult to watch and ugly, so we fixed that by aerating the calendar display and tiding it up group per group. Here is an example

  • Register page text

Preivously, on the register page, it was adviced not to mention his Team Tag on the Username field. The fact is since you can now change your username, this mention does not even need to be here, so we removed it

  • Club Founder now visible

To make the roles and positions within a club the clearest possible, we've added a new Founder logo


  • Total views for a news now added

You can now see how many times a news has been viewed/read




Bugs Fixed

  • Username History now visible


  • Skype ID now visible on profile page

  • On the complaint page, a team appeared twice on the penalty field instead of having team 1 & team 2, we fixed it



  • Possibility to kick players from a squad by going to Admin panel > club managment 

  • When creating a cup , the club list is now sorted alphabetically to make the picking easier


That's all for the 11th update, we hope you will like these improvements. As always feel free to give us your feedbacks and ideas ! :)

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