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LastCastle FC

Welcome to Pro Clubs Team LastCastle FC



We will do training; we will clarify the alternatives of the players with the experiments in the game.

Priority: Team game development. In the game we will pass them by voice commands etc. we will usually apply them. (It is important that we get used to it in the team)

Game profile: We will enter aggressive player mode. (Chasing the ball constantly)

- When one player presses the ball, one player closes one of the passes. (create a triangle ..)

- We will not use the playing skills continuously and will make a series pass with the simple game technique.

- Breaking the game on the opponent's penalty area with fast rust ..

- It is usually our first choice to play with short passes in the midst of the standing balls.

The opponent's field will also be forcing Striker and CAM. When the opponent passes the middle field, it will continue as CDM - CAM.

- The wings will be close to CAM so as to keep the trials .. In the presses, we will be the guys who shut the ball roads ..

- Defender support The wings will support the center field and spread to the wings. The game will end in midfield without breaking the wings too much.


NEWS: Are you looking for a team for pro club? I have a team registered to FVPA. Team name Lastcastle FC. Do you want to join us? We will have tournaments and season matches. Do you want to be a team player for 1 season (5 months) ?

Open Positions: LC - CB - RB - CDM 

Contact Origin ID: Evakury

https://www.easports.com/fifa/pro-clubs/PC/Lastcastle FC

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