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FVPA eSport Nations League RULES (Season 2)

    1. TEAMS

      ·        Each National Teams must have a maximum number of 25 members (23 players + 1 Manager + 1 Assistant if necessary)

      ·        During the Cup, roster can be edited. You have to contact Admins to add or remove a player to/from the squad.

      ·        Minimum players required to launch a game : 8

    2. PLAYERS

      ·        To be called up in a National Team, a player must have the adequat nationality in his profile settings. If it’s not the case, sanctions could be applied

      ·        PSN ID must be strictly the same as the FVPA eSport username.

      ·        All kind of cheats or glitch (exemple: 99 GEN Overall rate for a player) are absolutely forbidden. Every player caught using theses cheats/glitchs will be disqualified and removed from the Nations League. Further sanctions towards his National team could be applied. Managers, as team’s responsible, are urged to make sure this rule is respected.




  • League system
  • Participants: 10 nations per division
  • Home and away games to play against each teams
  • Each fixtures will see points awarded:  win = 3points / draw = 1point / loss = 0point
  • Promotion and relegation can vary from division to an other. To know the exact amount of promoted/relegated teams, please check the ranking on the website.




  • All fixtures will be given a start and end (visible on the tournament calendar) where each game must be played. It is your responsability to complete games within these alloted time
  • By using the Organizer, you will be able to set up your appointment with your opponent, directly through the platform. Here is a video tutorial on how to use it . Discuss with your opponent and then confirm the game's date and time on the website. Please keep in mind that the Organizer is the only official tool we recognize
  • Therefore, it's mendatory that you use it in order to schedule your games and make it official towards the competition's administrators.
  • In case of a complaint about the arrangement and organisation of a game, administrators will on take in consideration the organiazer and its content
  • Proposals must be done 24h before the wished day to be considered as admissible
  • Each Manager has to validate the proposal that satisfies both teams
  • If teams fail to reach an agreement, games will be played on default day time




  • Why a default time ?  To ensure games are completed with no delays and this way to keep the competition to continuing normally.
  • Default day is Sunday.
  • As for Default time, it's set at 20:00 GMT = 21:00 UK = 22:00 EU = 23:00 Russia/Turkey
  • In case of problems, contact an Administrator
  • As you know, we are all on different timezones. Many hours can seperate you from your opponent. Keep it in mind and be comprehensive. UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER IS IMPORTANT





    ·        Both teams must be on time. A 10 minutes (real time) delay will be allowed. No matter what happens, managers must keep in touch and inform their opponents, by any ways possible

    ·        All players taking part to a game must be registered to the National team roster. The FVPA eSport username must be strictly the same as the PSN ID.

    ·        Minimum players required to launch a game : 8

    ·        The « ANY » has to be controlled, even if you are 11 to play, one of you has to take it.

    ·        Home team must invite Away team in regards to the tournament calendar on the website

    ·        Teams have to take screenshots and video records of their game, inclunding pre-game settings in the « locker room » with all the players in the lineup and the friendly game request sending

    ·        It is absolutely forbidden to hinder and bother the rival goalkeeper during freekicks and corner kicks. Nobody from your team should interfer or block him. If this rule is violated, sanctions are clear : the offending team will automatically lose this game and the offending player will receive a 3 games suspension.

    ·        A player who is sent off (red card) during a game is automatically suspended for your next game, whatever one it is.


    A/ Disconnection of a random player

    ·        If a disonnection occurs before the 10th « ingame » minute : you are allowed to quit in order to relaunch the match with the player who got disconnected. Warn your rival of the situation.

    ·        Please note that everything that happened before leaving the game counts (goals, yellow/red cards).

    ·        If a disconnection occurs after the 10th « ingame minute » : you can’t leave anymore and have to play until the end

    A/ Disconnection of the ANY
    3 cases here, depending the situation

    ·        If it occurs BEFORE the 10th « ingame » minute : Same as A/ above

    ·        If it occurs AFTER the 10th « ingame » minute : The affected team has to continue until the Halftime. At the halftime, warn your opponent that your ANY has been disconnected, then leave the game. A new one must be relaunched, just to play the 45minutes remaining (2nd halftime). Please keep in mind that the result of the 1st half is kept and counts

    ·        If it occurs during the 2nd halftime or a second attempt : You can’t leave anymore and have to play until the end.


    One disconnection per team is allowed. Please test your connections before. Official games are not practices ones.



    A/ Match Reports

    Match reports must be completely and carefully filled (roster, result, goalscorers, assists providers, yellow/red cards) within 72 hours after the match.
    B/ Complaints

    ·        During a game, if you spot your opponent playing with a player that should not (not registered, suspended, banned …) you must keep playing the game until the end as usual. Once finished, please use the complaint tool related to the match report. Fill it carefully and include all of your evidences (screenshots, video records). You can contact and Administrator to help you.

    ·        To be inspected, the complaint must be carefully submitted within 24 hours after the game. Passed this time, no complaint will be considered. Uncompleted complaints (lack of evidences etc...) also won't be considered.

    ·        Any abuse or excess use can be sanctioned.


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