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FIFA 19 - S1 - Nations League


FVPA eSport Nations League (FENL)

All format details have been discussed and agreed on the dedicated Discord for National Managers and their staff: https://discord.gg/yGPD5gj

Pre-registrations helped defining the best format as well as gathering as many motivated and serious nations as possible.

Official regulations:

StatusIn progress
Start dateNovember 14, 2018 23:00
Home-Away Yes
Max team number20
Registrated teams12
Promoted0 teams
Relegated0 teams
Minimum of player8
Duration per Day0
Participants FVPA France, FVPA Belarus, FVPA Russia, FVPA Armenia, FVPA Georgia, FVPA Portugal, FVPA Belgium, FVPA Morocco, FVPA Romania, FVPA Ukraine, FVPA Germany, FVPA Scotland,
Competition already started.